Access Maintenance and Repairs


AccessMR are specialists in Industrial Twin Rope Access.

We provide a safe, efficient and cost effective solution to gaining access at heights where traditional methods are not available. Our techniques enable the provision of access in situations or environments that may be too expensive or too dangerous to undertake via other methods.

We are able to offer these benefits:
Versatile: AccessMR is able to access any part of your structure where tradition access methods often fail.
Cost Effective: Rope access uses less manpower for less time. We need no ugly scaffolding or heavy machinery. This allows AccessMR to offer you services at a lower cost than traditional access methods. But more important to you... Rapid response and deployment means we effectively reduce downtime for your business.
Fast: Rope Access allows us the ability to gain access to any part of your building using minimal time, space, and equipment. This delivers your solution sooner with less disruptions to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow. We can often accomplish work within hours that previously took weeks to complete.
Minimal Environmental Impact: The absence of heavy machinery reduces noise and exhaust fumes. We need no unsightly scaffolding to spoil your view. In fact, our techniques are completely non-destructive. This allows AccessMR to finish your job with the least amount of environmental impact.
Safety: Our specialised ropes, techniques, and equipment makes industrial rope access one of the safest procedures in the construction industry.

AccessMR can provide solutions for:
Advertising and Banner Installations
Building Repairs and Maintenance
Surface Cleaning and Sealing
Graffiti Removal
Exterior Signage and Decor Installation
Installation of Antennas, Transceivers, and Telecommunication Systems
Photography and Video
Holiday decorations, Christmas lights
Wind Turbine Maintenance
Dam Walls
Rock faces and cuttings
Visual Inspection of High-rise Buildings, Bridges or any High Structures

Many of our competition struggle to beat us on price, but they cannot beat us on customer service! We pride ourselves in the fact that so many clients use our services time after time. Why? We turn up on time, do the job quickly and effectively, and leave the site with minimal disruption, always within the allocated budget!

Access Maintenance and Repairs.
ABN – 36 078 707 325
BSA number - 643553